The Max-Zone ozonator purifies your pool...naturally!


  • Use 50-90% less chlorine
  • Have a more eco-friendly pool
  • Create water as pure as drinking water

Max-Zone FAQs

What Is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a natural gas that is a highly effective oxidizer for pool water. Ozonators deliver a totally safe level of ozone to the water. The result is clear, sanitized water that has a fresh, clean smell.

How is ozone produced?

Ozone is produced by converting the oxygen (O2) in the air into ozone (O3). The most efficient and reliable ozone generators use a special ultra-violet light. These ozonators draw in natural air and pass it through specific UV wave lengths, converting the oxygen into ozone.

How does the ozone get into the water?

Ozone is normally injected into the water through a venturi suction injector. On pools (and some spas) a venturi injector by-pass system is easily installed in the return line next to the pump and filter.

What does ozone do?

Ozone will oxidize contaminants and kill viruses and bacteria on contact. Because of this, chlorine use is reduced by 50-90%. Ozone has no effect on pH and no objectionable side-effects. The water is clearer, while scum lines are reduced. It also feels softer and more natural to the skin.

Do I still need other chemicals?

Although ozone will do most of the work, you will need to maintain a small chlorine (or bromine) residual of 1.0 ppm as assurance that the water will always remain clean and safe. Since ozone removes contaminates that enter the water, this low level of chlorine stays in the water much longer, requiring significantly less chlorine to be added. A chlorine shock every two weeks and a small preventative dose of algaecide will help assure that algae will not grow.

Can I add too much ozone?

No, ozone tends to equalize at an ORP level of 400-600 ppm - the perfect level for pool oxidation.

Can ozone be used on any pool or spa?

Yes, ozonator models are available for the smallest pool to Olympicsized pools. Ozone is cost-effective for all sizes.

Where is the ozonator installed?

The ozonator cabinet is relatively small and mounts easily on any convenient wall next to the pump and filter. Units connect to standard 120V receptacles. Special plastic tubing feeds the ozone from the ozonator to the point of injection.

Are ozonators reliable?

Yes, they are virtually troublefree with practically no moving parts. MaxZone system UV bulbs are guaranteed for two years.

Will I save money with the ozonator?

Over time, an ozonator will pay for itself in chemical savings. They only use nominal electricity (equal to a 25W light bulb) and require virtually no regular maintenance. We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The greatest benefit, however, is the exceptional water quality that results from it’s use.