The following outlines the basic procedures for winterizing most above-ground pools.


Since all pools are different, these procedures may not be appropriate for your pool.  MEMPHIS POOL cannot be held responsible for damages that may occur to any pool system nor for any staining that occurs over the winter due to existing or changing chemical conditions.


To Begin, Clean the Pool & Filter


Clean the pool thoroughly.  Remove all trash and debris, then vacuum.  If the pool is not clear, take action to get clear water before closing the pool.


Backwash the sand filter for several minutes.  This is also the recommended time to use Sand Scrubber to cleanse your filter sand.


D.E. and cartridge filters should be opened and cleaned.


Next, Add & Adjust Chemicals

a.  Add 2-4 pounds of Poolife Turbo Shock for an average pool of 7,000 to 18,000 gallons.

b.  Add 1/2 quart of Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide.

c.  Add 2 pounds of Pool Baron's White Lightnin' oxidizer.

d.  Adjust the pH level to between 7.2 and 7.7.

e.  Adjust Total Alkalinity level to 80-120 ppm.

d.  Disconnect all hoses and store them.

e.  Remove the backwash sight glass.

f.  Leave the filter multi-port valve handle in any in-between position. Remove the pressure gauge.


Then, Perform the Following:

1.  Circulate Water

    If possible, allow the pool to circulate for 4-6 hours before shutting down the equipment to winterize.

2.  Lower Water Level

Lower the water level to about one foot below the skimmer opening.  Rain and snow can have an effect of raising the water level above the  skimmer opening in the pool. The level should be monitored to avoid water filling and freezing the skimmer or other parts of the system.

3.  Remove Ladder

4.  Install Pool Cover

Install the cover and tighten it using the cable winch system.  Wall bags may be helpful in securing the cover during high wind conditions.


Lastly, Winterize the Equipment

a.   Remove all plugs on the pump, filter, heater, and other equipment.  Make sure all drain holes are clear of blockage and that they drain freely.

b.   Disconnect power cords and store equipment, if feasible

c.   Drain the automatic chlorinator, and disconnect it if it is attached by small tubing.

d.   For extra winter protection, add the following: 

     Pool Baron's Metal-X to help prevent stains and control metals.

     Pool Perfect Enzyme to prevent “bathtub rings” and add clarity.


Important Items to Remember

Drain any accumulation of water from the top of your cover using a siphon or cover pump.

Observe the water level of your pool during the winter.  Add water if pool level drops more than a couple of inches.

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