Cartridge filters are, perhaps, the easiest of all filters to clean.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.  Turn off the pump. 

2.  Remove the retaining band and lift the filter tank lid from the base. 

3.  Remove the cartridge(s).

4.  Use a spray nozzle on a garden hose or an attachment designed for cleaning cartridges.  Spray the pleats on the cartridge to remove debris and dirt.  Work from the top down with an emphasis between pleats. Continue to clean the pleats until all dirt has been removed.

5.  If the cartridge has not been soak-cleaned in the past year, or if the cartridge has been recently exposed to oils, a soak-cleaning should now be performed as follows:

      a.  Find a plastic pail large enough to soak the cartridge(s).

      b.  Fill the pail with water and add either 

          • Pool Baron's Filter Nanny (per instructions), or

          • one cup of dishwashing liquid (do not use regular soap).

      c.  Soak for at least one hour; overnight is preferred. 

      d.  Rinse cartridge with fresh water.

6.  Reassemble the filter and resume normal circulation.

Replace your cartridge when the webbing of the fabric appears shiny and closed, or when the fabric has begun to deteriorate. This normally occurs after 2-3 years of use or after numerous cleanings.

Note:  Use of Enzymes, such as Pool Perfect Enzyme, will eliminate oils that clog filters and shorten the life of filters.  Regular use of enzymes will extend the filter cycle (longer time between cleanings) and the life of the cartridge.


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