The impeller is a ribbed disk inside your pump that spins inside the volute - the chamber that forces water out of the pump and into the plumbing that takes the water to the filter. 


Water entering the center of the impeller is forced to the outside edge of the disk by the vanes.  As the water moves to the edge, there is a resulting drop in pressure at the center, creating a vacuum that is the suction of the pump.  The amount of suction is determined by the design of the impeller and pump components and the strength of the motor that spins the impeller.


Indicators that something is wrong with your pump impeller are as follows:

A.  Pressure in filter is running lower than normal.

B.  Water flow appears to be much slower.

You will need to clean the impeller if it is clogged or replace it if broken.  Clogging occurs when debris gets past the pump’s strainer basket and gets trapped inside the impeller.  The pump strainer should be inspected for cracks.  The strainer should always be in place and kept clean while operating.


To Clean the Impeller:

1.  Shut off all power sources to the motor.

2.  Remove the pump basket.

3.  With a pair of long, needle-nose pliers, reach behind the basket area and pull out any debris.

4.  If you’re unable to clear the debris, the pump may need to be disassembled for cleaning.  Contact your local pool professional to schedule a service. 

MEMPHIS POOL supplies new impellers, as well as all parts you may need to service and repair your filter.


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