The following outlines the basic procedures for winterizing most pools.

Since all pools are different, these procedures may not be appropriate for your pool.  MEMPHIS POOL cannot be held responsible for damages that may occur to any pool system not winterized by our Service Department and any staining that occurs over the winter due to existing or changing chemical conditions.

To Begin, Clean the Filter
For sand filters, clean the pool thoroughly, then backwash the filter for several minutes.  We recommend using Pool Baron's Sand Scrubber during this backwash cycle to clean your filter sand.

Cartridge and D.E. filters should be opened and the elements given a thorough cleaning.

Next, Add & Adjust Chemicals
a.  Adjust the pH level between 7.2 and 7.6.

b.  Adjust Total Alkalinity level to 80-120 ppm.

c.  Add 4-6 pounds of quality granular chlorine for  
     an average pool of 20-40K gallons.

d.  Add one quart of Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide.

e.  Add 2-4 pounds of Pool Baron's White Lightnin' oxidizer.

f.  For extra winter protection, add the following:
    Pool Baron's Metal-X to help prevent stains and control
    Pool Perfect Enzyme to prevent “bathtub rings” and
    add clarity.

Then, Complete the Following:
1.  Circulate Water
If possible, allow the pool to circulate for 4-6 hours before shutting down the equipment to winterize.  Water level should be at its normal “middle of the skimmer” level, never less than 1” of water into the mouth of the skimmer opening.

2.  Remove Ladders & Handrails

3.  Install Pool Cover
Install the cover over the pool.  Lay water tubes around the perimeter of the cover, and fill the tubes with water.  The pool must be perfectly clean of dirt, debris, and leaves prior to installing the cover.

Lastly, Winterize the Equipment
The procedures below will only protect the above ground piping and components.   IMPORTANT!!!  If your underground piping is not sufficiently below the frost line, or if we experience an unusually severe winter, the underground pipes may be subject to freeze damage.  DO NOT follow the procedures below.  Instead, ask about our Sub-Surface Winterizing Service.

1.  Remove all plugs on the pump, filter heater, and other equipment.  Make sure all drain holes are clear of blockage and that they drain freely.

2.  Drain and rinse clean (with water) the automatic chlorinator.  Handle chlorine with normal caution.  Disconnect the chlorinator if it is attached by small tubing, and install winterizing caps on tubing connectors.   If needed, MEMPHIS POOL supplies winterizing caps.

3.  Leave all valves in the open position.

4.  Remove backwash sight glass.

5.  For sand and D.E. filters, position filter multiport valve and handle in “Winterize” position.  Remove the pressure gauge.

6.  Make sure all water drains from visible piping.  Disconnect piping or drill holes if necessary.

7.  Install skimmer guards in skimmers to protect from freeze damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pool equipment is BELOW pool water level, DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE PROCEDURES.  Our Service Department offers special winterizing service for such pools.  The phone number for Service is 901-795-8950.

Items to Remember: 
Drain any accumulation of water from the top of your cover using a siphon or cover pump. 

Observe the water level of your pool during the winter.  Add water if level drops within 1” of the skimmer opening.  If the water level drops below this level, your pool could be subject to winter time damage caused by ground water conditions.

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