Before you call a service technician, try troubleshooting your heater.  The problem may require a quick and easy fix.

  1. Make sure your filter is clean.  Just like a dirty air conditioning filter causes reduced air flow, a dirty pool filter causes reduced water flow.  Because your heater is designed with safety in mind, it will automatically shut off if water flow is insufficient.  See your nearest Memphis Pool store for a new filter.
  2. Confirm the heater is on.  Often, we may forget to check even the simplest thing.  Check the on-off switch on the heater’s control panel to make sure it’s turned on.
  3. Test the temperature set.  If your temperature is set too low, your heater will not heat.  Turn the temperature control knob to at least midway between the MIN and MAX setting to call for heat.
  4. Check for water flow. Some heaters have a bypass system installed with valves. This allows the water flow to bypass the heater. Check to be sure the valves are turned to direct the flow of water through the heater.
  5. See if your pilot is lit.  Refer to your owner’s manual first.  Many of the newer heaters do not have a pilot.  If your heater has a pilot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in your owner’s manual. 

If you are still unsure after troubleshooting, call a Memphis Pool professional service technician to diagnose and correct your problem.


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