The process below has proven to be effective in most situations; however, there is no process that can assure stain removal.  Results from treatments may not be successful.  Stain treatments are inherently expensive.  Some indication of the expected success may be derived by applying a small sample of our Pool Baron's Stain Wipe to an isolated spot.


Step A.  Initial Stain Removal Treatment

1.  It’s important that the filter is clean.  For sand filters, use Pool Baron's Sand Scrubber per instructions to clean filter sand.

2.  Water should be clear and the chlorine level between 1.5-3.0 ppm.  If water temperature is above 78 degrees, add one quart of Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide prior to metal treatment, since conditions for algae growth will exist due to the stain removal treatment.

3.  Add one quart of Pool Baron's Super Metal-X for each 12,000 gallons of pool water.  Operate pool as usual, but do not shock for one week.  Pool may have some slight cloudiness as the chemicals begin to work.  Allow 24-48 hours for results to occur.

4.  For sand filters, Add ZeoFiber per instructions on label. This will help filter out some of the metals.  Monitor closely the pressure and backwash when the normal “backwash pressure” is reached.  Use Pool Baron's Sand Scrubber (1/4 qt) each time you backwash to cleanse the sand.  Recoat with more Sand Aid to begin another filter cycle.

5.  After 48 hours, if the Total Alkalinity is low (as well as the pH), slowly increase the Total Alkalinity (T.A.) by adding no more than 5 lb of Pool Baron's Alkalinity Increaser every 6 hours until the T.A. reaches 80 ppm.  After the T.A. is adjusted, if the pH is low, add 1 lb of Pool Baron's pH Up every 6 hours until the pH reaches 7.2-7.4.  (It is unavoidable that the stain may become worse as your pH increases to the proper range.)

6.  If the results are good but some staining remains, do either of the following:

               a.  Add one more quart of SUPER METAL REMOVE 

               b.  Use STAIN WIPE as instructed in Step B (see 

               for each 20,000 gallons, or


7.  If stains are successfully removed, proceed to Step C .  If stain remains, proceed to Step B.


Step B.  No Success with Removal?

Use our most aggressive stain remover...STAIN WIPE.

STAIN WIPE is our strongest stain removal chemical. Although this product’s formulation is safe for use, it disengages the chlorine’s stabilizer for weeks, thereby making it difficult to maintain an acceptable chlorine level of 1.5-3 ppm. 

Cloudy water and algae growth can result after using this product.  Before using this product, consult with a Memphis Pool technician for instruction.

Some stains cannot be removed with chemicals.  Pools with painted or plastered surfaces may need to be drained and acid-washed to remove the stains.  Ask Memphis Pool for more information.


Step C.  After the Stains Are Gone

Despite all your effort, stain-producing metals may still exist in the water!  Be sure to follow these preventative measures: 

1.  Maintain pH between 7.3 and 7.7 at all times.

2.  To remove metals that may cause future staining, add Pool Baron's Metal-X as follows:

    a.  Add an initial dosage of 16 oz per 10,000 gallons.

    b.  Add 4 oz per 10,000 gallons weekly.

    c.   Have the metal content tested in three weeks.

3.  Monitor chlorine levels closely.  Maintain a chlorine level of 1.5-2.0 ppm by adding chlorine very slowly, using tablets through the skimmer or chlorinator.

4.  Continue to use Sparkle Filter Aid and Sand Scrubber each time you backwash (as outlined in Step A) for the next 60 days.

5.  After one week, resume weekly shock.  Use only Pool Baron's White Lightnin'  as your shocking agent.  Do not use a chlorine-based shock. 

6.  Continue with a weekly dose of Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide.

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