If your cleaner displays any of the following problems, adjustments may be necessary to restore performance.


Problem:  Cleaner hangs up on steps or other obstacles for longer than 3 minutes.



1.  Check the wheel RPM (rotations per minute).

2.  Verify the back-up valve is cycling.

3.  Adjust the thrust jet.

4.  Remove unnecessary pool hardware or install a ladder guard kit (Sold at our retail stores).

Problem:   Cleaner is sluggish, running with less power than normal.



1.  Check the filter screen in the Quick Disconnect and clean, if necessary.

2.  Clean the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter.

3.  Check all of the hoses, connections, and swivels for leaks that could cause loss of water pressure.

4.  Check the wheel RPM.


Problem:   Cleaner flies around the pool and/or does not make contact with the bottom.



1.  Check the wheel RPM.  If more than 32 RPM, unscrew the pressure relief valve to decrease water flow to cleaner.

2.  Confirm that the blue restrictor disc is installed in the universal wall fitting (UWF) to decrease water flow, or install the red restrictor disc to decrease water flow even more.

3.  Verify that the back-up valve is cycling.  Hold the valve out of the water and watch the jet.  It should come on and go off approximately every 90 seconds.


Problem:   Cleaner does not back up.



1.  Verify the back-up valve is cycling.

2.  Check the wheel RPM.

3.  If the bag is full, empty it.

4.  If head float has water in it, replace it.

5.  Make sure feed hose is floating.

Problem:  Cleaner turns only in one direction.



1.  Adjust the thrust jet.

2.  Maker sure feed hose is floating.


Problem:   Feed hose becomes tangled.



1.  Remeasure the hose to verify that it is adjusted to the proper length for the pool shape.

2.  With the cleaner operating, check that the connector swivels in hose and rotates freely.

3.  Make sure feed hose is floating (may need new floats).

4.  With the cleaner turned off, spin each of the wheels.  All wheels should turn together.


Problem:   Sweep hose is sucked into the vacuum tube.



1.  Make sure the opening at the end of the sweep hose is not blocked by the sweep hose scrubber.

2.  Adjust the sweep hose flow to a gentle sweeping motion, using the thumb screw.


Problem:   Sweep hose sprays too much water out of the pool



1.  Adjust the speed of the sweep hose by tightening the adjustment screw.

2.  Replace the sweep hose scrubber (Polaris) if it is worn or missing.

3.  Add a sweep hose weight to keep the sweep hose from spraying.


Problem:  The cleaner does not clean the entire pool.



1.  Check that the hose length reaches within 6” of the farthest point of the pool.  If not, order a new hose section.

2.  Check thrust jet for straight back position that optimizes random turning.

3.  While the cleaner is operating, hold it upside down and look into the vacuum tube.  There should be two distinct, even jets of water.  If there are not, contact your local pool professional for assistance.


Problem:  The cleaner is running in circles on its side.



1.  Check filter bag.  If full, it can weigh the cleaner down on one side.

2.  Remove the head float and shake it.  If there is water in the float head, buy a new one.

3.  Check the hose floats to make sure they are spaced evenly.

If none of these solutions work for you, contact your local pool professional.  MEMPHIS POOL carries over 20,000 parts in stock, including everything you need to repair your automatic pool cleaner.


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