Hot weather and heavy swimmer use create extra demands on your pool.  Even with chlorine levels at 1.5-3.0 ppm, contaminates (or waste products) tend to build up in pool water.  The result can be cloudy water and a food source that allows for algae and bacteria growth.  Shocking provides the extra oxidation necessary to rid your pool of this contaminate build-up and restores your chlorine to a free and active state.

Also, as the water warms above 80 degrees, algae tends to grow freely, often suddenly. In addition to the weekly shock, using an effective algaecide will reduce the possibility of algae growth getting started.

Follow these simple steps below, for the easy, smart way to preventing an overload of contaminates:

  1. Shock Weekly - Add 1 lb of Poolife Turbo Shock (a chlorine shocking agent) or Pool Baron's White Lightnin' (a non-chlorine shock) to your pool for each 10,000 gal of water.
  2. Algaecide Weekly - Add 2 oz. of Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide for each 10,000 gal of water.  This is an inexpensive and effective way to help prevent algae growth.

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