Professional Commercial Grade Deep Rake Net Skimmer Leaf Swimming Pool Spa Pond
Clean your swimming pool from leafs and other debris using this Pool Baron professional leaf rake. The leaf rake is made from heavy duty, super strong plastic. The deep bag is great for leaf removal. This leaf rake is very easy to use and fits most poles! This pool rake lacks any sharp, protruding edges to ensure that you don't scrape or scratch the sides of your pool while you are cleaning. A one year manufacturer's warranty is included with this rake for your satisfaction guaranteed! Make your next summer pool cleaning session an easy one with this Pool Baron Professional Heavy Duty Leaf Rake!
Easy to use
Structural molded frame
Fits virtually every pole
Deep bag for easy leaf removal
Curved edges mean no sharp spots to damage pool sides
Color: Blue
Weight: Approx. 1 pound
Product Condition: Brand New
Deep Rake with Scoop
Manufacturer No. 11520